Chemical Safety Solutions, LLC.

Chemical Safety Solutions, LLC. (CSS) fulfills the need for Environmental, Health, and Safety services that are chemical centric.  Most facilities have some stock of chemicals, even for just maintenance, and many are hazardous.  Is your facility managing them properly?

Have a knowledgeable EH&S Professional with hands-on chemical synthesis experience to review your program, deliver concise training, identify and resolve your chemical managment issues.  Contact us today.

EH&S Program Creation, Review, and Management
In addition to chemical safety programs for R&D and manufacturing, CSS can customize and conduct the required periodic reviews for any other safety programs you need, such as: 
- Confined Space Entry
- Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout)
- Arc Flash and Electrical Safety
- Forklift and Powered Industrial Trucks
- Hazard Communication
- Community Right to Know reporting
- many more...
Facility Audits
Having a "fresh set of eyes" to review your facility and systems is a key practice to maintaining a well managed work environment.  Over time, even the most meticulous manager will overlook potential hazards in a familiar setting.  CSS specializes in audits and immediate corrective action for those issues that can be resolved on the spot. 
Avoid Disasters

This photo shows the aftermath of a violent  container failure containing mismanaged chemical waste in a fumehood.  Luckily, no one was in the lab at the time, serious injuries or worse could have resulted.  CSS can guide you through the pitfalls of chemical stock and waste management to prevent disasters such as this from occurring at your facility.